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Programmable Sensors
What if the service and repair aftermarket had a blank programmable sensor that was easily programmed to the correct vehicle type, performed identically to the original OEM-sensor, helped eliminate lost sales, improved inventory management, and reduced the risk of installing the wrong part—all without the additional cost of new programming tools?

The future is here. Right now, instead of stocking multiple SKUs for replacement sensors for every make and model required, small to large service and repair centers can stock one blank, programmable sensor. Schrader's new EZ-Sensor™ can be programmed with the correct sensor ID and protocol information onsite, using the same hand-held programming tools widely utilized today.

Schrader's patented and programmable EZ-Sensor™ technology operates exactly like the original OEM-sensor while dramatically increasing the speed, accuracy, and profitability of servicing TPMS-equipped vehicles.

  • Eliminate lost sales by not having the correct OE-replacement sensor on hand
  • Always have the RIGHT part, RIGHT away
  • Further simplify the TPMS repair process
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • If you own programming tools today, you may not need to purchase any additional equipment to work with EZ-Sensor:
    • Schrader® 21230 & NAPA® 92-1525
    • Bartec® Tech400
    • SPX OTC® Genesys® TPR
  • Customers who own a second set of wheels and tires (winter/summer) will not require a relearn after exchange

Watch this EZ-video for more information, and download the following support materials:

Introducing Schrader's new patented, programmable EZ-Sensor™ technology