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TPMS Goes Global
Concerns about proper tire pressure and the impact it can have on safety, fuel efficiency and carbon emissions are not exclusive to any region. When tire pressure became a national topic in the United States after a series of automobile accidents in the early 2000s, U.S. legislators included tire pressure monitoring as part of its TREAD Act legislation, aimed at increasing driver safety. Today, all new U.S. vehicles come installed with mandated tire pressure warning systems, adding daily to the already 100 million TPMS-equipped vehicles on the U.S. highways.

The realization that proper tire pressure is so critical to the safety of drivers is now truly a worldwide movement. Many regions are making continued progress toward TPMS adoption. Europe is developing and adopting legislation for 2012, while countries such as Japan, Korea and India are in the process of investigating TPMS technology. Plus, many global OEM vehicle manufacturers have implemented TPMS on vehicles they import into TPMS-enabled regions like the United States.

Global Conversations about TPMS
Diverse conversations regarding proper tire inflation and TPMS technology on a global scale:

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Global Adoption of TPMS
An insider look at the introduction and evolution of TPMS worldwide via Carl Wacker, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Schrader.

European Legislation for TPMS
Media articles related to TPMS adoption within Europe:

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