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Experts Talk About TPMS
Industry experts discuss TPMS and how it affects you and your customers.


Carl Wacker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Schrader
Carl leads Schrader's global sales and marketing team. He is passionate about the need for direct TPMS and the real benefits the technology brings, including lowering CO2 emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and most importantly—safety on the roads.

Interview with Jared Smalley, General Manager, U.S. Manufacturing, Schrader
Jared Smalley talks about TPMS and the difference it makes to the overall quality of a TPMS solution to have top-notch components, traceable automation, process checks, and most importantly, rigorous testing.

Jackie Glassman, former Chief Counsel/Acting Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Jackie Glassman was chief counsel for NHTSA from 2002-2006, during the time NHTSA was responsible for implementing the regulations, rules and procedures required by the TREAD Act.

Charles Rollins, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Schrader
In "The Technology Inside" Charles Rollins talks about the advancements Schrader pursues and the quality with which our TPMS systems are built.

Gary Spanos, Research and Development Manager, Schrader
Gary Spanos says it's not a Schrader TPMS solution if both the sensor and the valve are not Schrader. Listen as he talks specifically about what differentiates a Schrader valve.

Alfonso DiPasquale, "Driving Down Carbon Emissions"
Listen to Alfonso Di Pasquale, Vice President of Business Development at Schrader Electronics, discuss TPMS and its environmental benefits and safety implications on BBC radio.

Tony Davenport, Business Development Manager, Schrader
"A new technology being developed is the Schrader EZ-Sensor. This technology allows Aftermarket customers to program Schrader sensors with a sensor ID, and the correct sensor protocol and functionality needed to interface with the TPMS system already installed in the vehicle. EZ-sensor simplifies the TPMS replacement process, dramatically reduces the costs of inventory, and avoids lost sales due to a potential lack of inventory. The Schrader EZ-Sensor design is based on the Schrader's patented and proven Snap-In valve design and built to work with several existing programming tools already in the marketplace, including Schrader®, Bartec® and SPX®."